Lars Leksell Radiosurgery Fellowships

The Leksell Gamma Knife Society is proud to announce the Lars Leksell Radiosurgery Fellowships. The Fellowships are designed to allow young neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists the opportunity to learn state of the art radiosurgery from a leading radiosurgery center. They are instituted in memory of Professor Lars Leksell, pioneer of modern radiosurgery and inventor of the Leksell Gamma Knife.

Three fellowships will be awarded annually to promising board certified (or international equivalent) neurosurgeons or radiation oncologists who have completed their residency training within 5 years at the time of application. Each Fellowship funds three months' stay at a pre-eminent radiosurgery center in either the United States or France and also in Morocco. 


Click here to apply                                             Past Fellowship winners